LAURA GEITZ & Clare Ferguson

Suncorp ambassadors & Operators of Fuel2Fly

Through our Fuel2Fly Clinics, we want to encourage young Australian girls to be real and comfortable in their own skin by being proactive in life and positively engaged in their communities. Ultimately, we want to help build a nation of confident girls.

We spent a lot of our childhoods comparing ourselves to other girls, desperately trying to fit in, wishing for unobtainable attributes and undermining our own self-confidence… until we found netball.

Two tall girls from the country who used to slouch our shoulders and stand on the outsides of our shoes to appear shorter, finally felt accepted among a community which made us feel like we could be ourselves.

Our childhoods were filled with different sports, but for us, playing netball replaced self-doubt with nervous excitement and encouraging smiles shared with our teammates.

High-fives, huddles and slaps on the back instantly gave us a sense of belonging; a place where we could be the most authentic versions of ourselves.

We gravitated towards sport because it was where we had fun, where we were inspired by our friends to be our best and where we felt valued.

Through netball, we could see that everybody had different strengths and skills which were unique and important to the team and instead of comparing ourselves to others we started to value what was special about us and our confidence grew.


Looking back on our netball careers, the highlights haven’t just been the championships or medals that we’ve won, it’s about the journey and lessons the game has taught us on and off the court.

We recognise that it’s about much more than just netball and that’s what we want to share with you!

Clinic Details


Girls who are turning 9-14 years old in 2018


$77 AUD (incl GST)


Clinics operate on average between 3-4 hours

At our Fuel2Fly Clinics, in addition to improving your netball skills, you’ll also learn about life skills like:

  • Understanding you’re always learning, and how to continuously improve
  • Handling setbacks and resilience
  • Being true to yourself
  • Setting goals
  • Positive self-talk
  • Not taking yourself so seriously – the fun factor!
  • The importance making new friends
  • Nutrition and performance

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