1. Registration

To register for a Fuel2Fly Clinic an online registration form located at www.fuel2fly.com.au must be completed and these Terms accepted.

Prior to a registration being processed, the parent or legal guardian of the participant must agree to these Terms & Conditions.

By indicating your acceptance of these Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge that you have read and understood them, and that you agree to be bound by them.

2. Personal information and privacy

Participants’ personal information is collected from the participant’s parent/guardian by or on behalf of Fuel2Fly to enable Fuel2Fly and its agents to manage, administer and promote the clinics. The personal information may also be provided to persons assisting Fuel2Fly including sponsors, suppliers and deliverers, marketing agencies and IT providers, media outlets and related companies.  By registering, participants consent to these uses and disclosures of their personal information.

3. Acknowledgement and risks

As the parent/guardian of a participant, you acknowledge and understand that participation in a Fuel2Fly clinic is likely to be physically demanding to the participant, and that there are inherent risks in participation (including risk of personal injury or illness to the participant tand/or property damage/property loss resulting from their participation, including overexertion, equipment failure, dehydration, serious accidents and course and weather condition).

You acknowledge and represent that:

(a) you understand that there are inherent risks associated with participation in the clinic, which may result in personal injury to the participant and that you fully accept and agree to bear those risks; and

(b) the participant is medically and physically fit and otherwise capable of participating in the clinic without detriment to their health, physical condition or safety; and

(c) any injuries or medical conditions suffered by the participant or concerns regarding the participant’s ability to complete clinic content are disclosed to Fuel2Fly, prior to the clinic, via email at [email protected].

Furthermore, you authorise Fuel2Fly and its employees to act on your behalf should the participant require urgent and immediate medical attention.

4. Registration fees

All fees are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD), inclusive of GST and must be received and processed online, prior to the clinic

5. Cancellations & Refunds

You may cancel your registration for a clinic at any time.  Our refund policy for a cancellation is as follows:

(a) In the case of illness or injury resulting in a participant needing to withdraw from a clinic:

  • A full refund will be provided, less an administration fee of $10, provided that a supporting medical certificate is presented more than 48 hours prior to the clinic.
  • No refund will be provided for cancellations made within 48 hours of the clinic or on the day of the clinic for medical reasons or otherwise, unless a suitable replacement participant can be found.

(b) Cancellations made for any reason other than injury or illness:

  • If made within 7 days of the clinic, a refund will be at the discretion of Fuel2Fly and must be requested in writing via [email protected]. No refunds will be provided for cancellations made within 48 hours of the clinic, unless a suitable replacement participant can be found.

(c) Registrations may be transferred to another participant subject to:

  • acceptance of a completed registration form and agreement to Fuel2Fly’s Terms & Conditions by the participant’s parent/guardian; and
  • confirmation that the new participant’s registration fee has been received

Registrations are transferable between clinics within a school holiday/clinic series period at the discretion of Fuel2Fly and pending vacancy at the desired location

6. Clinic cancellation by Fuel2Fly

Fuel2Fly reserves the right to cancel a clinic, or to vary the location (within 10km of the scheduled location) and time of the clinic by prior email notice to the address listed on your registration form.

A clinic will be cancelled if weather conditions are deemed unsafe for the clinic to proceed, or if there are insufficient numbers to run a clinic. If a clinic is cancelled, a full refund will be provided to all participants.

Where the clinic is cancelled due to weather conditions an email will be sent by 5:00am on the day of the clinic to the email address provided on the participant’s registration form. A notification will also be placed on the Fuel2Fly website and Fuel2Fly Facebook page.

Additionally, Fuel2Fly reserves the right to vary the clinic content and the personnel running the clinic, without prior written notice.

7. Participant behaviour

Fuel2Fly may request that a participant ceases involvement in a clinic if their behavior is deemed inappropriate. This would occur if such behavior had a detrimental affect on the safety or enjoyment of other participants in the clinic.  No refund will be given in these circumstances.

8. Image consent

In the course of participating in a Fuel2Fly Clinic photographs and video footage of participants may be taken. By accepting these terms and conditions, you:

(a) irrevocably and unconditionally consent to Fuel2Fly and its sponsor Suncorp Corporate Service Pty Ltd and its related entities (‘Suncorp’) using, reproducing and publishing photographic or video footage of the participant in any communication medium determined for educational, promotional and marketing purposes;

(b) release Fuel2Fly, Suncorp and their respective employees, agents, and contractors from any and all claims or causes of action you may otherwise have regarding the use of such images/video content; and

(c) acknowledge that no payment will be provided for use of a participant’s name, image, voice, statements and photographs and film taken of them taken by Fuel2Fly or Suncorp in any context pertaining to the clinics or otherwise before, during or after the clinics for advertising, promotions or otherwise.

If you do not wish the participant to be featured within photographs/videos and used as set out in this clause, please ensure that you do not consent to the above at the time of registration.  You can also contact Fuel2Fly via email at [email protected] to notify us of your preference.

9. Indemnity

As parent/guardian you indemnify Fuel2Fly, its sponsors and all related entities against all actions, claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses, which any of them incur directly or indirectly arising  your child’s participation in a clinic, including any loss, injury, illness, death or damage to property. This is regardless of whether such damage, injury or loss was caused by the act, neglect or default of Fuel2Fly, it’s sponsors or other participants in the clinics or otherwise.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these Terms & Conditions please contact us at [email protected].